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  • Wufeng Federation of trade unions
    Wufeng Federation of trade unions "SEND COOL" activity into Real-Cell
    • Mar 19 ,2021

    On August 19, Wufeng Federation of trade unions organized the 2020 "cool summer" activity. Shi Junma, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, Minister of propaganda and chairman of the Federation of trade unions, led the team. Liu zhumeng, Secretary of the Party group and executive vice chairman of the Federation of trade unions, and his party sent the love of "mother's family" to Real-Cell in Wufeng National Industrial Park, visited the front-line workers who stick to their high-temperature posts, and visited the deputy general manager of Real-Cell new energy Chen Lidong, Secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the trade union, led the team to receive this "cool gift package" for 181 employees of the company. (President Chen introduced the company's production and operation to minister Shi, chairman Liu and director Zhou of the park) Since the resumption of work and production this year, the company has rented more than 70 dormitories to ensure 1-2 people / room, and installed new air conditioners. More than 500000 yuan has been invested in improving the workshops with relatively high room temperature. In April, the company began to implement the "high temperature subsidy" policy. At the same time, it has also prepared heatstroke prevention measures such as cool tea, ice drinks and heatstroke prevention drugs for employees. To provide employees with a good working and living conditions is the first factor of stable production, and also an important part of corporate culture construction and corporate magnetic field training.

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